Guadalajara Sculpting Massages

Guadalajara Sculpting Massages

Sculpting Massages Using Galvanic Current

Sculpting Massages in Guadalajara | Moompaya Spa

Before and After a Sculpting Massage in Guadalajara

Masajes Reductivos en Guadalajara Antes y Después

Sculpting Massages in Guadalajara

Our Sculpting Massages and corporal therapies in Guadalajara use technologies that are non invasive and not only help reduce sizes, but provide a deep sense of relaxation. These therapies are applied using Nu Skin creams through the use of galvanic current and ionized gels helping and promoting the cellular regeneration of the body.

This technology is applied in in sculpting massages which helps in the elimination and prevention of cellulitis, expression lines, buttock lift and more!

Sculpting Massages in Guadalajara have been around for a long time and are used as a therapy to fight and eliminate the fat accumulation localized in the body such as the abdomen, buttock, handles and saddle areas. This type of therapy also promotes the expulsion of toxins by working on the lymphatic system. In turn, this aids in the blood flow and improves the digestive system among others. With this type of massage, you can reduce between 5 and 10 cm in the area that was worked on. Please keep in mind that this type of therapy produces the greatest results in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

The sculpting therapies Moompaya Spa offers in Guadalajara help to reduce localized fat deposits. If you’d like to schedule a session or for more information, please call us or schedule an appointment today!

General Information

In order to maximize results for sculpting massages, you need to ensure that you keep a sensible diet and an exercise regime. This massage type focuses on reducing fat in specific areas of the body and to help reduce cellulitis, improve blood flow and help eliminate toxins.

Our therapies last between 1 1/2 to 3 hours and we focus on the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, torso and arms areas to help reduce excess fat, shape your figure, eliminate toxins and reduce cellulitis.

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